Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Yoga School India rises to meet the wishes of global Yoga Lovers. An age-old institution in imparting authentic, traditional and true-to-its form Yoga Education has shifted its focus to conduct 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course and Classes at Thailand!

Why Thailand?

Yoga as the Art of Living life with health, peace and happiness is a Science originated from India. Saints and Sages of ancient India lived Yogic Life. They preached this sacred Art to help other fellow human beings, to liberate from their miseries, and lead a blissful life full of awakened inner-self, spiritually.

The teaching-process needed a place which is far away from the noises, pollution and disturbances of everyday. Deep forests with fertile greenery, banks of rivers or sea, mountains and caves created by Nature etc. provided these serene venues, for teacher-disciple relationship, to live with Nature and learn the Art of Yoga.

Following the foot-steps of eminent Yogis of India like Pathanjali, who contributed to the world, the written script of Yoga Sastra, Yoga School India has been performing Yoga-related activities at Rishikesh, an ideal, secluded place full of tranquility. While the need arose for extending Yoga Teacher Training in other countries, the first choice was Thailand, considered as the Jewel of South East Asia. In this Tourist-Paradise of a country, Phitsanulok, a beautiful place blessed by Nature with fertility, crystal-clear water and skyline, and away from the hassles of Metropolitan offered itself, for purposeful learning and imparting 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.

What is 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training?

You get the opportunity to understand Yoga, its nuances and intricacies, Yogic Discipline, Yoga Practice, Asanas meaning physical postures performed in a methodical way, to trim and keep the wellness of the body, enjoy the mental peace and spiritual elation caused by following Yogic Lifestyle. Thus you become a Yogi and transform your entire life towards living it happily, without illnesses, set-right the physical disorders, look into your inner-self and raise your spirits permanently.

Along with the above benefit of transformation, the 21days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training will educate you, as how to become a Yoga Master yourself; teach methodically and systematically traditional Indian Yoga Philosophy; conduct Yoga Classes back home, and generate more Yogis in your area. Thus there are twin benefits you are deriving from participating in 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.

What are the subjects of Yoga taught?

Classes will be conducted regularly everyday : separated into sessions and giving ample time for the students, to grasp what is taught, assimilate the true meaning and practice it to get it into memorable actions:

1)Hatha Yoga: you will practice this basic Yoga and traditional form to the extent needed.

2)Ashtanga Yoga: you will practice this vigorously, since this is the Yoga people all over the world wish to learn and train themselves.

3)Meditation: The Art of keeping your body motionless and indulge into the happiness of silence and looking inwardly.

4)Pranayama: you will learn to control your breath; relax your mind by the breathing practice; regulate your blood circulation and completely feel liberated and relaxed mentally.

5)Detoxifying your body: you get Ayurvedic cleansing your body from toxins, impurities and unwanted fat etc.

6)Yoga Teaching Skills: you will learn all aspect of Yoga Philosophy together with the skills to conduct Yoga Classes, and train other students in Yoga Practice.

Facilities available for Residential Course:

Participating in 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training will be a pleasure. You are provided with luxurious facilities of SAPPRAIWAN GRAND HOTEL AND RESORT and amenities like Swimming Pool; Gym; open play grounds; running around the lake etc. You will get excellent Yogic Food, fully vegan, energetic and supplemented by herbs and medicines, along with juices or tea to strengthen your body to effortlessly complete your Yoga Teacher Training. Simply, you will live like a Yogi during the 25 days at Thailand and go back fully vibrant, rejuvenated and totally a new person.

Curriculam Overview of Yoga Teacher Training

We strived hard to grant the gift of yoga in a most judicious manner within the time frame of 21 days. Therefore, set timetable is followed for all days with time for self practice every day and on off days as well. Timings are managed in a manner to allocate substantial time for each practice and ample gap between meals and practice.

Highlights Of Our 200 Hrs Yoga TTC Programme in Thailand

Subtle practice of Hatha Yoga- the most traditional form of yoga available
Dynamic and vigorous practice of Ashtanga Yoga- The most prevalent and genuine art of yoga
The art of indulging in silence with Meditation
Stilling the mind and focus on breathing with Pranayama
Mind relaxation techniques with breathing practices(pranayama)
Detoxifying the body of toxins, unwanted energies and pains with Ayurvedic cleansing
Methodologies and effective teaching skills
Alignment methodologies taught effective management of the classes


Eluding from the unwanted cacophony of the city life, the town of Phitsanulok is set in Thailand- the jewel of South East Asia. A nirvana for naturalists, spiritualists and philanthropists, the enigmatic city welcomes one and all. The benevolent nature of people and the alluring escapes in and around the city soothes the soul and nourishes the heart. The 25 days of Yoga and all activities for a life changing experience would happen in the wonderful resort with Swimming Pool, Gym and play grounds and a lake running next to it. There are 14 elephants and 10 of them are baby elephants inside the resort living. The resort is SAPPRAIWAN GRAND HOTEL AND RESORT.

Yogic Food

A delightful menu everyday to woo the hearts of the foodies, the school will provide three meals everyday and two juices/tea are served between the meals. The oriental herbs are added to the food prepared everyday die to their medicinal value to our bodies. Cooks expertises in the preparation of holistic meals that vegan, organic, light weight and are energetic in nature. We reckon that during the detoxification programme our students should not eat outside. But there are plenty of options in cafes and restaurants etc. in the vicinity for those who would like to indulge once in a while.

Date FromDate ToRegular PriceAdvance Fee
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On 7th March 2016On 28th March 2016$2950 Paypal