Yoga Teacher Training In Kerala

The breathtaking and majestic beauty of Kerala has made it a popular destination for people seeking a naturally calm and relaxing environment. It is this very ambience of the region that also makes it a perfect place to learn the great ancient art of yoga. The soothing shades of the coconut trees and the fresh and pure air makes practicing yoga a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for both beginners and experienced yogis. Taking advantage of its pristine environment, Yoga School India offers in depth training in the various theoretical and practical aspects of yoga though its strategically well located ashram in Kerala.

What Makes Kerala a Perfect Destination for Yoga Teacher Training?

In addition to offering the advantage of a picturesque location that has a naturally soothing effect on the mind and body of the trainees, Yoga School India hires the services of the best experts in the field to impart the education. The lush green surroundings, the pristine air and the heavenly peace of the region create the right ambience for the trainees to understand the intricate aspects of performing the various asanas in the perfect manner. The environment is also perfect to help enhance the learning abilities of the students as they are made aware of the various theoretical and philosophical aspects of yoga. The spiritual calmness and the natural energy present in the region makes the students feel relaxed open up their senses to take in the power and essence of yoga.

Exploring Various Aspects Related To Yoga

Yoga School India understands the fact that imparting training in this ancient art in not just about teaching students to just perform the various asanas in the right manner. Rather yoga is a combinations of various aspects related to enhancing the overall well being of the mind, body and spirit. That is why the yoga teacher training program offered by us not only focuses on the philosophical and practical aspects of yoga but also other related concepts including proper meditation and use of different Ayurvedic techniques to enhance the healthy lifestyle of individuals practicing this art. The course also generates awareness about leading a disciplined life and maintaining the strength and vitality of the body in a natural manner.

Combining the Best Features of Yoga Training and Ayurvedic Healing

Kerala has earned a name for providing effective Ayurvedic remedies for diverse ailments faced by people in the modern times. We at Yoga School India combine the best aspects of yoga training and Ayurvedic healing therapies to make the trainees capable of improving their personal health and passing on this significant knowledge to other people. Our course is designed in manner that helps trainees to become aware of the hidden aspects of their personality and realize their true potential. Some of the highlights of this course are listed below.
• Lessons on Yoga practice and instruction methodologies
• Comprehensive everyday practical sessions for performing various asanas
• Imparting in-depth knowledge about the history and philosophy of yoga
• Educating trainees about the various physical and psychological aspects of human body
• Lessons of Ayurvedic massage, cleansing rituals and healthy foods
• Knowledge about effective meditation techniques

Date FromDate ToRegular PriceAdvance Fee
Per Student
7th Dec 2015 (Kerala)4th Jan 2016$1500 Paypal
7th Jan 2016 (Kerala)4th Feb 2016$1500 PayPal