Reform Your Life Totally By Enjoying 14 Day Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh, India!

You might have already heard about the magical effects of practicing Yoga at home, in daily life. The accruing benefits of wellness and happiness through Yogic Discipline to the body, mind and spirit are immense. You can also reap all those benefits in your life, through learning, understanding and practicing Yoga in its authentic and original form, at Rishikesh Yogis in India ( by joining the 14 Day Yoga Retreat conducted inside a lovely, serene, tranquil and mind-pleasing atmosphere.

What is a Yoga Retreat?

Yoga is Science and an Art of Living Life with health, mental peace and elated spirit. By practicing Yoga daily, you unite your body with your mind and spirit together, through Yoga Discipline. Your life gets changed totally into one of blissful happiness, since your body becomes strong and healthy; your mind is calm; and your spirit gets a never-before boost.
Yoga originated in India centuries ago. Sages and saints practiced Yoga Philosophy in their life and set-up their own rendezvous inside deep forests, caves, and mountains in seclusion from the outside world. Disciples approached them for gaining in-depth knowledge about Yoga Philosophy, joined with them in their secluded life and mastered the Art of Yoga. This is how Indian Yoga Sutra written by Patanjali in Sanskrit language spread first in India, and taken up to the other western countries by eminent Yoga Gurus.
Today Rishikesh Yogis serves global population in imparting this Yoga knowledge among interested persons. Yoga lovers can join their 14 Day Yoga Retreats that is specialized Yoga Resident Courses, to learn Yoga Discipline in theory and practice every day, session by session.

Features of Yoga Retreat:

This is a Resident Program to introduce Yoga Discipline as authentic and original, as explained in Pathanjali Yoga Sutra. The candidates are provided comfortable accommodation, healthy pure and Yogic vegetarian food and beverages, calm and serene atmosphere, group classes for students to impart theoretical and practical training of Yoga Discipline.
The students attend pre-scheduled sessions of Yoga Classes from 7.15 am to 6.45 pm. There are various divisions of Yoga Philosophy, such as Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga etc. Yoga Philosophy consists of Yogasanas (set of postures to stretch your body, limbs and muscles systematically); Pranayama (breath control to regulate inhaling and exhaling breath); Mudra (Psychic-energetic gestures); Bandha (energy locks in your body); Meditation (consciously immersing into trance) and Shatkriya (Cleansing the body organs following Hatha Yoga) etc.
In each and every session, students learn the theories about Yoga Discipline; and under the direct supervision and guidance of Expert Yoga Masters practice the various Yogasanas. By indulging in breath-control exercises and Meditation practices, the body gets cleansed, mind gets calmness, power of focusing increases with clarity; and by Meditation you are taught how to look into your inner-self. Chanting of Mantras in groups augments your spiritual power.
The duration of 14 Day Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh Yogis will be 100 hours of classes totally. Plus the students can enjoy leisure activities like trekking, rafting, excursion to nearby places etc. Throughout the Yoga Retreat the student lives an Ashram Life and gets transformed totally in body and mind. Healthy body, calm mind and elated spirit to further your entire life back home is the Reformation you get, by clicking and joining 14 Day Yoga Retreat!

Yoga Workshop 7 Days Program in Rishikesh :

Day 1

Welcoming in Rishikesh
Havan (fair ceramony) 30 minutes
Introdaction of programe and teachers and students 20 minutes
Pranayama basics 30 minutes
Hatha Yoga 1 hour
Lecture on bhagwad gita 1hour
Lunch on the ganga beach restaurant
Evening Vinyasa flow yoga 1.5hrs
Yoga Nidra 45minutes
Dinner and talk about the first day

Day 2

Mantra class on beach
Pranyama on beach
Hatha yoga on beach
Indian breakfast
Lecture on Bhagwad Gita
Local sight seen and lunch
Evening Vinyasa flow practice
Yoga Nidra

Day 3

Going kunjapuri
Mantra class
Pranyama class
Hatha Yoga
Breakfast in Kunjapuri
Lecture on ayurveda
Indian Cooking class
Talk on Hatha Yoga
Transformational Hatha yoga
Antar Moana medtation (inner silence)


Going out for sight seen tour Rafting, trekking, spiritual centers and temples orphan age school

Day 5 -Devprayag where ganga river meets with another river

Mantra Class
Pranayama class
Hatha yoga
Coming back to rishikesh
Ayurvedic massage class
Vinyasa flow
Antar moana Meditation

Day 6 -Going ShivPuri for camping

Mantra and Combination pranyama
Hatha Yoga and Surya Namaskar
Ayurvedic full body massage class
Drawing from Heart
Vinyasa flow
Ajapa Japa

Day 7

Havan Fair Ceremony
Advance pranayama with bandhas
Hatha Yoga
Big Breakfast and Feedback
Saying Byeeee