Yoga Styles

1. Hatha Yoga:

Originated in the 15th century and is an ancient program of balance, harmony and purification. The term Yoga is defined as a union or to yoke. Meditation is incorporated into this combination to achieve the balance between the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states within the harmony of earth, water, air, ether and sun.

2. Vinyasa Yoga:

A combination between the power of yoga where you learn the techniques and the flow of Vinyasa. This yoga includes the latest Ujjayi, Bandha and Sun Salutations. Focusing on the importance of the breath technique and the postures being completely balanced.

3. Ashtanga Yoga:

Based on the principle of the synchronization of one’s breath with the various asanas. The asanas balance the purification of the body, mind and soul. The movement of one posture to another in a specific sequence operating within certain rules.

4. Mantra Chanting:

The chanting of the mantras with a pure heart and soul has proved to be very effective in the lives of many. The defining characteristics of mantra chanting is the alignment between the mind and the breath.

5. Pranayama:

It is said that when one practises Pranayama on a regular basis, that person gains a powerful level of concentration and that leads to powerful mind and supreme fitness of the body.

6. Meditation:

The student is trained to focus and bring awareness to their inner self for calmness of mind.

7. Ayurveda knowledge:

The knowledge of Ayurveda was passed on orally through the lineage of the sages in India. It was introduced about five thousand years ago. The life principles refer to the word Veda that refers to the knowledge system and its enhancement. The term Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of health and complete knowledge of science.

8. Yoga practice:

Basic poses to help in regaining the fitness of the body through meditation and pranayama. Through the yoga practice you will learn the postures with guidance. To achieve excellent results you will be expected to practise whole heartedly.

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